Ice Cream van

It is the perfect way to attract attention especially if your campaign is giving away free ice cream to target potential clientele. Being a mobile catering company, the vehicle can be moved, be in motion or stationary depending on preference and subject to planning permission.

We have vast experience in promotional branding and will happily assist you to ensure maximum exposure for the brand promotion. A branded ice cream van is fast becoming the most rapidly growing advertising tool as used by a rising number of celebrities and sporting personalities.

A Branded promotional Ice Cream Van from Piccadilly Whippy can transform the way in which you communicate with your target audience. We can discuss the cities and towns that need to be visited and you can set a number of complimentary ice cream or lollies to be distributed on the chosen days.

How does it work?


We can supply you with a designer to work on your logo and concept or alternatively we provide you with the dimensions of the van for you to produce your branding mock up. Your package can entail ice cream distribution of soft serve or ice lollies. For a professional look you could opt for additional branding such as:

Branded napkins to be wrapped around ice cream cones or handed out to guests with ice cream tubs

Branded cups with your logo for the ice cream to be served in

Themed ice cream using coloured sauces, sherbet or edible glitter to tie in with your logo colours

Who said anything about ice cream!


You can brand the van promoting your campaign and serve your own products, goody bags, gifts or samples to the public such as hot drinks and doughnuts, beauty products, sweets, cakes, drinks, yoghurts, soaps, even clothing! The possibilities are endless.

Our Responsibility


Piccadilly Whippy Ice Cream Vans are smart looking and exceptionally clean catering for events of all sizes. Our vans are built to the highest standards with low emission Euro 6 fittings to play our part for protecting the environment. Each van comes fully equipped with all the necessary requirements that ensure safety and quality for our consumers at all time:

First Aid Kit

risk assessment

Health & Hygiene Level 2

Fire Extinguishers

public liability insurance

scores on doors

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